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  • Dear Bethea, I always wait for your emails and I go over them very carefully. I believe in your visions and dreams.

    - Samona
  • Bethea, it was great to meet you even on Facebook. I think you're an incredible lady.

    - B.B.
  • I want you to know that my horoscope has been RIGHT ON!! It is wonderful! Thanks a million!!!!

    - Shelagh
  • Hi Bethea, I want to really express my gratitude to the Universe for you. These messages you send me really keep me centered and focused on the joy that surrounds me. It appears as if I am on the brink of a great phase in my life and reading these messages only serves to keep my spirit buoyant, Much love, light and laughter

    - Anusia
  • As you told me, long time ago, maybe 3 years ago, you dreamed about ‘me having a nice sedan with the leather seats parked in front of my home.’ I finally got it! Today when I went to pick up my car from delivery shop on my way home. Then, I remembered you and your vision. I really appreciate your help.

    - Anna
  • Hi Bethea, I hope you are well. I am happy that things are starting to work in my favor now. It is a slow process but I can certainly say there is progress from the time you started evaluating my birth chart. I am thankful that our paths have crossed. My sincerest thanks.

    - Shaun
  • Bethea, thank you for all of the information you have been sending me related to my wealth, health and happiness. There are no other words I would rather say than thank you so much. You are so kind, helpful and have always given me good advice on many issues.

    - Ros
  • Dear Bethea, thank you for your daily horoscopes. I feel so peaceful when I read them and that’s usually not the case for me at all. I have a connection with you.

    - S.V. 7/2013
  • Just a note with my blessings and thanks. I couldn’t even begin to repay you for all you have done for me, but I don’t want you to think you are unappreciated. All my friendship.

    - Renee
  • Bethea, thank you for connecting to Facebook. I would like to also thank you for your forecast. You have helped me so much.

    - Theresa


I am Bethea, a professional psychic astrologer. First, I would like to say to you that I know life can be very difficult at times, but even with all its ups and downs it is still wonderful to be able to live, love, work and play. To see the sunset, to look up at the stars and to wake in the morning to a new day with endless possibilities and a new beginning is a gift.

Let me help you make the difficult choices that come about and help you plan your future. I hope you will enjoy your free personnal weekly forecast and valuable lucky numbers. If you are still curious to learn more about your emotional, physical and intellectual states, please take advantage of your free access to your personal biorhythm. I will tell you everything you will need to know.